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Since 1938

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Saxe Mortgage Company is San Francisco Bay Area’s premier private money mortgage company. Since 1938, Saxe has been assisting mortgage borrowers with all their short-term real estate financing needs. Whether you have been turned down by a conventional bank, need money fast without jumping through laborious paper hoops or just want a simple professional experience, call Saxe Mortgage Company today.


Saxe Mortgage Company was founded in 1938 and is a leading private money mortgage lender in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Saxe Specializes in short-term real estate financing for residential, commercial, multi-family, mixed-use and construction loans. It prides itself on fast closings, integrity, being broker-friendly, and offering very competitive pricing in the marketplace.


Saxe Mortgage Company finances real estate transactions with private investor capital. Due to the problems in the U.S. credit markets, the demand for private money lending has increased exponentially. Consequently, the quality for transactions has increased tremendously, diminishing investor risk.

Saxe Mortgage Company is also an investment company, providing investors with opportunities to invest in deeds of trust. Currently, trust deed investments are one of the best investment vehicles in the market. With banks paying very little for regular and CD accounts and an unpredictable stock market, Saxe pays its investors 9+% secured by the best equity-rich real estate in the most stable market, the San Francisco Bay Area.

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